100% thermoset products with porcelain look are very resistant to breakage and scratching, and can be washed in any kind of dishwasher.


Thermoset® Tableware

Thermoset® Tableware has been produced after so much research on how to develop the product strength, product life and shine. This 100% food safe melamine tableware line has the attractive look of heavy porcelain but it does not break like porcelain. Apart from being extremely break resistant,  plates can be washed at all types of dishwashers and that is why it is so much preferred  and used by horeca market. Thermoset® tableware, which strives to combine strength and durability, is similar to the variety of games in mobile friendly casinos, where players are offered games with a high level of reliability and attractive design.



Drinkware Collection offers 100% food safe Thermoset® melamine tumblers, cups and mugs in different sizes. Besides being very user friendly, these products are so much break resistant and shatter resistant. Drinkware Collection is perfect for schools, kindergardens, kid clubs, nursing homes for aged people, prisons, outdoor catering, swimming pool and beach areas. Besides being so much safe and hygienic, they are also very cost effective.



These products are a complementary and indispensable part of  Thermoset® Tableware Line. Products such as salt & pepper pots, sugar pots, sauce pots, ashtrays, egg holders, bread baskets are produced in 100% food safe melamine. Besides being extremely durable, these products can also be washed at all types of dishwashers.


Baby Life Collection

This 100% food safe tableware collection is designed with cheerful decorations especially for babies and kids. No worries for broken plates and bowls; these plates and bowls will not break no matter how many times your kid throws them on the ground. For parents who care about safety and hygiene, Baby Life Collection is a perfect solution.

Thermoset®, which is produced for long-term use with its unbreakable and scratch-proof structure designed by Külsan for professionals, and suitable for the contact of hot and cold foods with its special raw material, has been tested and approved in international laboratories.


Self Service Collection

Self Service products are trays with many compartments to serve different types of food at Self Service areas of schools, restaurants, hospitals, factory or company dining halls, military dining halls, prisons, etc. Being 100% food safe, products are extremely durable, break resistant and user friendly.


Hospital Service

Thermoset® Tableware includes a great range of healthcare plates and bowls that are ideal for hospitals and nursing homes for aged people. These 100% food safe products are stackable to save space in the cupboards and they come with compatible polycarbonate covers. Polyster trays are so much break resistant and durable offering an impressive serving facility.


Arcoform® Serving Trays

Arcoform® laminated trays are made of compressed layers of melamine saturated paper combined with synthetic resin molded under high pressure and temperature. They are extremely break resistant and dishwashersafe. Arcoform®  trays are eco friendly products.


Polycarbonate Collection

Polycarbonate Collection offers the transparent look of glass while being extremely break resistant and shatter resistant.